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About Our Premium Organic Aloé Vera Colloidal Nano Silver Products!

Our Colloidal Nano Silver is made with 100% Organic Aloé Vera Extract and the purest 99.9% American Silver available, in a LVDC Green Synthesis process. Aloé Vera is added to cap and reduce highly reactive silver ions in a thermodynamic reaction, leaving stable amber-colored silver nano particles (about 10-50 nm and 10-20 ppm) perfect for combatting diseases.

Most ionic colloidal silvers are highly reactive, turning into silver chloride once exposed to salt in our bodies. Our nano silver is stable, providing lasting benefits proven to kill pathogens over longer periods of time! Read More here.

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What's Colloidal Silver?

by Paul Ray Effinger

Colloidal Silver is the term used to describe tiny particles of silver suspended in water. Silver has antimicrobial properties similar to copper, and will kill bacteria, viruses and fungus. It’s increasingly used to treat infections without toxic chemicals and is a homeopathic alternative medicine.

Cutting-edge modern antiviral research shows very promising benefits for nano silver and other nano metals in combatting viruses, bacteria and pathogens. See the Scientific Paper here. NASA uses nano silver to purify water on the International Space Station. Hospitals use bandages infused with nano silver to combat infection. Hand-sanitizers now contain nano silver to kill germs. Air filters now contain nano silver to kill pathogens in the air. There's a growing use of nano metals to fight infectious diseases that have been resistant to drugs.

In ancient times, the healing properties of silver were also known. Silver coins were placed in milk containers to naturally preserve it without refrigeration. On ships silver was placed in water barrels to preserve it. Silverware provided protection from pathogens when acidic foods and drinks were placed within dissolving tiny amounts of nano silver and consumed.

Colloidal Silver generally comes in two forms: Colloidal Ionic Silver and Colloidal Nano Silver. Most Colloidal Silver sold on the market today is Ionic Silver. Both work well externally, but only Nano Silver should be ingested.

Ionic Silver is mostly clear or slight yellow in color and photo sensitive. It deteriorates over time when exposed to sunlight and must be stored in dark locations or dark bottles. It’s very chemically reactive. When introduced into the bloodstream it forms insoluble silver chlorides that no longer release silver. It has extremely limited duration for topical use, when contacting bacteria or fungus directly, but turns to silver chloride once exposed to salts on our skin, blood or eyes.

Nano Silver is stable and amber in color. Left in daylight in clear glass, it won’t deteriorate or change color even after 6-8 months. The amber color indicates a concentration of silver of about 10-20 ppm with particle sizes less than 30-40 nm, ideal conditions for silver combating diseases. The smaller the particle size the more effect it has as the surface are increases. The amber color is caused by the “plasmon effect” where only yellow light is reflected by particles less than 50 nm. Higher ppm concentrations turn a dark coffee color as more light is blocked, but higher ppms are considered unsafe. Color is a very good indication of the quality (particle size) and concentration (ppm) of colloidal silver.

Nano Silver releases silver ions over longer periods of time. That’s why hospital bandages are infused with Nano Silver and not Ionic Silver. Nano Silver has been proven to survive longer in the stomach and blood stream, and therefore more effective at combating pathogens internally.

Nano Silver should not be used as a continuous daily supplement, except in small quantities, as it kills good gut bacteria. It should only be used to fortify the immune system when needed, not more than a week nor more than a tablespoon per day. Probiotics should be taken to replenish good gut bacteria after Nano Silver has been taken.

My Colloidal Aloé Vera Nano Silver is produced by a LVDC & Green Synthesis process, whereby 100% Organic Aloé Vera Extract is used to reduce highly reactive silver ions, leaving stable amber-colored silver nano particles.

However, since colloidal silver is classified as a supplement, we can make no health claim for the efficacy of our silver supplements.

God Bless!
Paul Ray Effinger, Artist, Silversmith, Owner & Founder of Silver Medic